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Australia needs Drug Laws that minimise harm, not deter users by curtailing their Liberties. We have had 50 years of punitive Drug Policies that have exacerbated the illicit drug problem, rather than alleviate it. 50 years of avoidable arrests. 50 years of putting the Public and Police at risk, to uphold Laws that are out of step with Australian Society. 50 years of money and resources wasted on the wrong approach.

You can help change this. By joining the DLRA as a paid member, or by renewing your membership, you can help fund a sea-change in Australian Drug Policy. It’s time our Government enacted rational Drug Policy that minimises harm, and that doesn’t hand control of illicit drugs and the fate of its users, over to criminals. Hasn’t Australia already waited long enough for fair Drug Policy?

Help put 50 years of Drug Policy failures behind us, by becoming a DLRA member today. You can join or renew membership.

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